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Slayer Class Preview

Slayer is a new class heading to PSO2:NGS on April 12th. The class is equipped with a weapon type called "Gunslash" which functions as both a sword and gun. This weapon has "Ranged Power" as its attack attribute and its damage output increases thanks to various skills that increase power and critical hit rate.

Slayer's main play-style revolves around the presence or absence of directional inputs, that changes the behavior of Photon Arts. This allows the player to adapt between close and mid-range combat situations.

Normal Attacks

The class's normal attacks can be charged up to two stages. Tapping the Normal Attack button typically has the character fire a shot ahead. However, charging it up to its first releases several shots in quick succession. Charging the attack up to the second stage releases a powerful blast.

The class has several gap-closers, one of which is [Charge Rush]. After releasing a charged Normal Attack, pressing the Weapon Action button at a certain time will quickly thrust you closer to the enemy.

Weapon Action

The Weapon Action enables you to guard against an enemy attack with a slash. Use the directional input to slash while evading attacks.

With the skill [Slash Counter], you can perform a different counter attack based on the button used. After successfully guarding against an attack, if you press the weapon action button, you'll perform a long continuous attack. But if you used the normal attack button, a short counter attack occurs instead.

Photon Arts and Photon Blast

This class has access to four Photon Arts whose behavior changes based on the presence of a directional input. Users who previously played the Luster class in PSO2: Classic might remember the [Stay Arts] and [Move Arts] mechanic. The same concept applies today for Slayer, with "Stay Arts" having no directional input, and "Move Arts" utilizing the directional input.

Shifting Spica:

  • Stay Arts: Perform a forward slash and fire a Photon Bullet in quick succession.
  • Move Arts: Approach the enemy at high speed with a thrust attack then shoot at close range.

Flowing Sirius:

  • Stay Arts: Performs a series of slashes. When activated in succession, it turns into a powerful attack.
  • Move Arts: Performs an attack that sweeps the surrounding area while moving.

Tip: Try using the Stay Arts version on downed enemies.

Reaping Regulus:

  • Stay Arts: Throws a photon bomb while retreating back as it explodes.
  • Move Arts: Kicks the bomb in a curved manner that explodes a certain distance away.

Tip: Try using the Stay Arts version when several enemies are somewhat close together.
The Move Arts version could be used when you want to hit a bunch of enemies farther away.

Waving Rigel

  • Stay Arts: Thrust the weapon into the ground and releases a shockwave around you. When performed in the air, you'll fall at high speed and attack upon landing.
  • Move Arts: Slashes the surrounding area while ascending.

Photon Blast

  • A special move that generates a spacial zone, where your character performs a series of slashes.

Slayer Skills Rundown

The prime skill of the class is [Gunslash Gear] which enables usage of a gear gauge that fills up from attacks. This results in decreased PP consumption, increased PP gained through attacks, increased attack power, and eventually increased Critical Rate. Their performance are based on the gear's current stage.

If you fail to hit an enemy for a certain period of time, the gear gauge will reset to zero. However, all is not lost because with the skill, [Gunslash Gear PP Gain], you'll recover some PP when the gauge resets.

Once the gear gauge is at its maximum, you can activate [Gunslash Gear Overdrive]. This is an active skill that increases the effects of [Gunslash Gear] for a limited time.

Re-activating [Gunslash Gear Overdrive] while it's in effect, unleashes a powerful finishing move that generates a spacial zone similar to the visuals seen in the Photon Blast.

The skill [Slash Pursuit] produces an additional attack if the normal attack button is pressed at a specific time during Photon Art animation. This is visually indicated by a light on your character. Pulling off this move has the added effect of recovering some PP.

Normal Attacks can be tweaked a bit with the skill [Slug Shot]. Pressing the normal attack button after a Photon Art with no directional input produces a close-range blast.

Lastly, the Active Skill, [Unleash Rage], makes the character rapidly approach the enemy to deliver a powerful blow. Not only does the skill greatly help fill the gear gauge, but through [Unleash Rage After Effect], the critical rate increases as well!

[Unleash Rage]'s gauge gets built up from Photon Arts and Slash Pursuit attacks.

Skill Tree Preview

Gunslash GearCritical UpGallant Attack Critical UpCritical Hit PP GainShortrange Hot ShotCharge Rush
Gunslash Gear OverdriveGunslash Gear Gauge AmplifyGunslash Gear Reset PP GainGunslash Gear Critical UpSlug ShotSlash Pursuit
Unleash RageSlash CounterMoving SlashGunslash Gear OverflowSlash Pursuit Reinforce
Unleash Rage
After Effect
Slash Counter Critical UpMoving Slash Counter

Gunslash Gear:

  • Build up the Gear Gauge by hitting enemies. Based on the gauge level, your Attack Power and PP Recovery from attacks increases, while the PP Consumption decreases. The Gear Gauge will reset to zero after a certain amount of time has passed without hitting an enemy. [Gunslash Only]

Critical Up:

  • Increases the Critical Rate.

Gallant Attack Critical Up:

  • Increases the Critical Rate when attacking Bosses.

Critical Hit PP Gain:

  • When a critical hit occurs, there's a certain chance PP is recovered.

Short Range Hot Shot:

  • When a normal attack hits an enemy at short range, the power increases. (Gunslash Only)

Charge Rush:

  • After a charged normal attack, pressing the weapon action button at a specific timing will perform a rush attack towards the enemy. (Gunslash Only)

Gunslash Gear Overdrive:

  • [Active Skill] Once the gear gauge reaches its maximum stage, activating it will consume all the gear causing the Gunslash Gear effects to increase for a limited time. Using the skill again while it is active will unleash a powerful blow. (Main Class / Gunslash Only)

Gunslash Gear Gauge Amplify:

  • Increases the gauge accumulation rate until the gear gauge reaches level 1. (Gunslash Only)

Gunslash Gear Reset PP Gain:

  • Recovers PP based on the gauge level when the Gunslash Gear Gauge resets. (Gunslash Only)

Gunslash Gear Critical Up:

  • Increases the Critical Rate based on the Gunslash Gear Gauge level. During Gunslash Gear Overdrive, the effect is the same as when the gear gauge is at max. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Slug Shot:

  • Pressing the normal attack button after a PA with no directional input will perform a close-range shot. (Gunslash Only)

Slash Pursuit:

  • During a PA, pressing the normal attack button at a specific timing will unleash an additional attack. (Gunslash Only)

Unleash Rage:

  • [Active Skill] Unleash a powerful blow by consuming the gauge that fills up from PAs and Slash Pursuit attacks. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Slash Counter:

  • Successfully neutralizing an enemy's attack will perform a different counter based on whether a normal attack or weapon action was performed right after. (Gunslash Only)

Moving Slash:

  • Activating the weapon action while performing a directional input will cause invincibility frames to occur, and change the attack behavior while moving. (Gunslash Only)

Gunslash Gear Overflow:

  • When the Gunslash Gear is at its max stage, OR while Gunslash Gear Overdrive is active, the skill [Unleashed Rage] will have its gauge accumulation rate increased and have a shortened recast time. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Slash Pursuit Reinforce:

  • Increases the power of Slash Pursuit.

Unleash Rage After Effect:

  • Increases the critical rate for a limited time after Unleash Rage.

Slash Counter Critical Up:

  • Increases the critical rate of Slash Counter (Main Class / Gunslash Only)

Unleash Rage After Effect:

  • Temporarily increases critical hit rate after activating Unleash Rage. [Main Class / Gunslash Only]

Moving Slash Counter:

  • Upon successful evasion from Moving Rush, hitting the weapon action or normal attack button will produce a counter attack. The attack behavior will be different between the normal attack and weapon action version. [Gunslash Only]



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