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Roblox Project Slayers is a super cool game where you get to be a character fighting against demons. It’s inspired by a popular Japanese cartoon and comic book “Demon Slayers” that was first aired in 2019. If you want to be a pro at the gamer, keep on reading this article as it contains full guide from the Trello official page and more cool tips and tricks that you may never heard before!

Project Slayers Trello Map Link

Here is the link for the Official Project Slayers Trello: [TRELLO PAGE]

Please note that some of these maps requires you to a paid Trello user but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Project Slayers Updated Redeem Codes

Get updated redeem codes for your Project Slayer game. Why you need these codes? Having redeem codes for Roblox Project Slayers gives you a lot of advantages on the game. You can gain a lot from these redeem codes such as exclusive items, weapons, skins, in-game currencies and a of of bonuses. Having those items and currencies can help level up your character!


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Why You Need The Project Slayers Trello

Trello is a project management tool that can be used to organize gaming tasks, map, guides and more resources on particular games such as on this example Project Slayers. Trello board for the Project Slayers shows a lof of useful information on gameplay mechanics, tips and tricks, maps, redeem codes, and updates on the development of the game. The information on the Trello board is usually organized into different categories or “cards,” like in the Pinterest making it easy for players to find what they’re looking for.

Project Slayers Trello Page Full Guide:

Project Slayers Trello contains quest guide, useful maps and locations of important items and game characters such as Muzan, Ores, and the Spider Lillies, guide to the NPC’s, Redeem codes, weapons, Demon art styles, and a lot more.

Where to Find Spider Lillies

Full Guide: Project Slayers Trello Link & Map - The Game Statistics Authority : ActivePlayer.io (1)

The Blue Spider Flower Lillies which is an item required to your to become a demon can be found randomly scattered around the map. They can even appear in towns, so you may need to manullay explore different areas of the game to find them. Since they spawn randomly, it may take some time and luck to locate and gather them. Not to mention you need 5 of these to successfully become a demon.

How to Get Ores

There are several ways to get more Ores which is an important element on the Game.

Completing QuestsYou can earn Ores by completing various quests and tasks. These quests may be given to you by NPCs or discovered as you explore the map and various locations.
Defeating MonstersKilling monsters within the game will also give you a chance to gain precious Ores. The stronger the monster, the more Ores you’re likely to receive.
Trading with other playersYou can also trade items with other players in the game for Ores. This can be a good option if you have items that are in high demand or if you’re looking to trade for a specific item, or other in-game currencies.
Purchasing with RobuxIf you want to get Ores quickly, this is the way to go, as you can purchase them easily with Robux. This is an in-game currency that can be bought with real money. Here’s a quick tip to get Free Robux.

Timing of Selections

This is the time where humans can transform into demons but you must be at least Level 15

  • 6:00 am est
  • 11:00 am est
  • 4:00 pm est
  • 10:00 pm est

Trello Quest Timeline for the Selection:

Quest #1: “The Search for Beth’s Katana”

In this quest, you will be tasked to find Beth’s lost Katana. To start this quest, you will first need to interact with Beth, who is an NPC in the game. Completing this quest will reward you with 75 experience points (Exp) and 250 Wen.

Quest #2: “Defeat the Sakurai Demons”

In this quest, you will be tasked with defeating the Sakurai Demons which are NPC demons found in Zapiwara Cave. The number of demons you need to defeat is not specified, but the reward for completing this quest is 125 Exp and 340 Wen additionally you can also get Demon Horns when you defeat Sakurai Demons.

Quest #3: “Locating Ouwbae’s Food”

In this quest, you will be tasked with finding food for Ouwbae. This could involve searching various locations in the game world make sure you have the right Map for this or possibly purchasing the food from an NPC. Upon completion, you will receive 100 Exp and 215 Wen as a reward.

Quest #4: “Assisting Brandon”

In this quest, you will be tasked with helping Brandon defeat 7 Yowai Demons. This could be a cooperative effort or you may need to defeat the demons on your own. Completing this quest will reward you with 150 Exp and 445 Wen as a reward.

Quest #5: “Assisting Many”

In this quest, you will be assisting Many in defeating 5 Heikin Demons can be found on Cave 1 and Cave 2. The reward for completing this quest is 175 Exp and 450 Wen as a reward.

Quest #6: “Defeating the Hand Demon with Steve”

In this quest, you will be working with Steve to defeat the Hand Demon which is a Boss Demon that has 2500 Health in the Map 1. This is likely to be a challenging battle, but completing it will reward you with a substantial amount of experience points and Wen, namely 450 Exp and 750 Wen as a reward.

Quest #7: “Final Selection Quest”

In this quest, you will have to help Steve defeat the Hand Demon. The Hand Demon is a formidable opponent and will require your skills and bravery to defeat. If you succeed, you will receive a generous reward of 450 experience points and 750 Wen as a reward. This reward will help you progress further in the game and gain access to new abilities and weapons. So, make sure to take on this challenge and show off your skills as a demon slayer!

Quest #8: In this Final Selection Quest, you will; Rescue the Kidnapped Villagers. Reward: (You will receive: 200 Exp and 600 Wen as a reward)

Quest #9: In this Final Selection Quest, you will; Eliminate the Bandit Leader. Reward: (You will receive: 225 Exp and 700 Wen as a reward)

Quest #10: In this Final Selection Quest, you will; Retrieve the Stolen Artifacts. Reward: (You will receive: 250 Exp and 800 Wen as a reward)

Trello Project Slayers Controls:

Here are the latest Project Slayers controls. Please note that you can change these controls on the Settings panel.

  • M1 – Combat (L Click).
  • M2 – Combat (R Click).
  • M – Menu.
  • Q – Dash.
  • CTRL – Wall Climb.
  • Left Shift – Sprint.
  • Left Alt – Mouse Lock.
  • H Key – Carry NPCs, Riyaku

More Extra Tips and Tricks

If you want to do more on the game such as swithc up clan or change demon blood art that you can use you will need Ores or have extra spins for that. But, if you do not have the Ore you may simply use your Spins and try your luck to get a better Clan/Demon Art.

Gaining More Spins

If you’re looking to switch up your clan or demon blood art, you’ll need spins. This is where our Redeem codes will be useful, sicne you can easily switch if you have redeem codes to apply and don’t need to spend your precious Ore or spending Robux for it.

Becoming A Demon

Are you tired to being the good character? Why not try to be the Villain? Here’s a cool trick if you want to be a Demon on the Game. Demons are the Villain on the game which are hunted by Slayers. Being a Demon will give you the power from Muzan and have your own Demon Blood Art. Here’s how to become a demon.

To become a demon, you need to find Muzan – the father of all Demons, who can only be appear at night time and can be found on various places. Then, you need to gather 5 Blue Spider Flower Lillies and bring them to Doctor Higoshima. These lillies can be found randomly scattered around the map, even in towns, so keep an eye out for them. Once you have the flowers, bring them to Doctor Higoshima and then escort him to Muzan. As a reward, you’ll receive Muzan’s Blood, which has a chance of turning you into a demon!

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