Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (2023)


Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (1)

this article, I'll show you the fastest ways to level up in Project Slayers, from level one all the way to max level.

Level 1-12

The first thing we're going to do is spam the baddies, so me and this one right here, you want to spin these quests up until level 12 so you get a breath, so let's go ahead and do that right now.

So that's level two. Now the next thing you want to do is talk to somebody again. They're going to give you three quests in total, though. So that's the first quest, and here's the second one. We have to save Swami's sister, and we have to kill these members while holding on to her. So what you want to do is press h on your keyboard to carry here, and if you want to know how to carry, just press m on your keyboard and press the settings bar and scroll down.

You can see that it carries right here. And then what we'll do next is bring this girl over to Soulmi, and bam, that's the second quest. The second quest is the best one for xp, and now the third quest is to do Zuko. The third quest is to defeat Su Ko, and Zuko is actually pretty good for getting the necklace because the necklace gives you more hp and stuff like that.

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It says right here that Zukul's necklace has a 20 chance to get it, so clap zucker real quick like me, there we go, yeah combos. All right, there we go. We have defeated Zuko. What you want to do is repeat that quest over and over again. I know that we are broke right now, but if you do need to watch this article right here, we're just going to explain how to get in really, really fast, and it doesn't matter what level you are watching.

If you guys need to watch it anyway, there is a 10-15 second cooldown for some now. So keep doing the sony over and over again until you reach level 12 and have five thousand dollars, so you can get yourself a breathing machine, and once you have a breathing machine, come back to this part of the article.

Level 12-20

Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (2)

Okay, so now that you're level 12 and have a breathing machine, this will make things so much easier for you in the long run.

I will show you guys the best next quest to do for level 12 up to maybe level 25. Anyway, what you want to do is head over to, you know, the Caribbean village where you are right now and follow my character. Let's go all right, boy, go ahead and talk to the homie member, and then go ahead and just accept this quest.

So basically, this quest gives you 340 xp in total, so I think all the demons plus the quest is 240 xp. Firstly, you want to put your spawn point right here on the green little jewel on the green crystal thingy. What you now want to do is go to the demons in the cave. All right, boys, so here's what you want to do.

What you want to do first is go ahead and learn one like that. Go ahead and do this, and then hit this guy too. Now group them all together. No, what you want to do is get all of them together right and then start hitting them like this. There you go, nice. So, get all the demons to like one HP, like red, and I'm sure you guys will do next.

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Hold on, there you go. So my breathing is for me, and now I'm going to breathe with max. The second thing you're going to do is run away really quickly to get some distance and go like that, so now I can also clean your breathing while upgrading your sword mastery and getting xp, which is a huge w, and being bada, almost done, almost done on and done, so your sword's mastery went up, so your sword's mastery went up, you are increasing your thundermastery and your sword's mastery to get some more damage and all that good stuff. So he does this quest until he's like level 20.

Level 20-35

Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (3)

If you're level 20, you can advance to the next area. If you are still struggling on this quest right here, keep doing this request so we can learn the skills of how to gather up demons and then kill them all at once, but if you've already gone to the next area, the first thing I'll do is to max out your breathing.

I think you need at least 12k yen to max out your breathing, so make sure I get 12k yen and if you don't know how good yen is, I'll put a article right here at level 20. You should max out your breathing. And boom, I have max building right here at 115, and whenever I use a breathing move, you can see that slowly, over time, it goes up.

(Video) Project Slayers COMPLETE 0-225 Leveling Guide! | Project Slayers Update 1.5 Roblox

Look at this. It goes up on its own. So the first thing I want you to do is check on when the final selection starts, so let's go over the right now. I'm going to the barn real quick. So we'll talk to the horse guy. We're going to go to the final selection, but if you guys don't have the file selection, you can unlock it with your map points.

Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (4)

You can buy a map for 100 yen. So the final selection is going to start in one hour and sixteen minutes for me. So before the final selection starts, you'll have at least two friends that have breathing and max feeding like you do and get some moves unlocked as well, but in the meantime, while waiting for the final session to start, let's go to the other quest.

You know what, I'm going to rejoin right now and then. I can spawn at the other location all right. I'm going to rejoin. Yeah, there we go. I rejoined the game. I'm right here all right. So we have one hour left to grind. So we are in the Usher Marvel Views right here, and what you want to do first is set your spawn point at the green crystal right there.

Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (5)

Let's go over to it and press e, and big boom, new spawn point set and follow my character. I'm sure that's the next best thing. So what you want to do is spin this quest until the final selection starts. We're here, so the first quest is going to defeat 4K in subordinates, and I'm sure that's what I do.

So what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to gather all of them at once, so it's a lot faster. something like this on the hunt. Okay, the Left said almost that. There we go. There we go. You could take these guys one on one, but I like to do all my ones. Next quest, we have quest number two, and quest number two is really good for xp.

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And not only that, we have a chance of getting some items from the tier one chest, like there. This person is actually kind of hard, so you might need some friends to do this with, but you know what I think about this voice now? But if he's spinning, though, run away if he's spinning, left right left right, up like this, awesome, And bam! There we go.

Fastest Levelling Guide In Project Slayers (level 1 To Max Level) - Roblox (6)

Awesome so those are the two quests for Grandpa Sheehan. Here are the requirements you'll need for this part of the article: For this to work, I want you to get at least level 25, of breathing with at least three to four moves and max breathing right here. The most important thing is that I'd say you need at least two to four friends, no more than four people though, in a squad.


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What does Tomi do in Project Slayers? ›

Tomi: (Won't talk to you unless you currently have the Poma quest) He gives a Level 25 quest to kill 3 Yowai Demons.

What is the max level in project Mugetsu? ›

The fastest and most reliable way to level up in Roblox Project Mugetsu is to complete quests. You need to know which NPCs give quests that fit your current progression level, and gradually go up to the max level 80+.

Is there sun breathing in Project Slayers? ›

According to Official Trello, If you have Kamado clan, You can acquire Sun Breathing as a sub-breathing. It will be a mode you can enter that buffs stats and increases your breathing bar for X seconds. This could possibly be a clan skill as it is implied to be a "mode".

How much money do you need to max out your breathing in project slayers? ›

It will cost you a total of 11,550 Wens. You are first required to break seven Small and Medium Breathing Gourds before you can buy the Big Breathing Gourds.

What is the max lung level in Project Slayers? ›

Breath Limit is: 95 , You still have to manually breath using the "L" key but now the breath meter will only go down when using skills.

Is Kamado good in project slayers? ›

Supreme Rarity (0.1% chance to drop)

These are the rarest clans in Project Slayers, and therefore the best as well. We will update this section when we know more about these clans. The Kamado clan is one of the best clans in the game.

What does Muzan do in Project Slayers? ›

Muzan is the leader of the demons, who turns humans into supernatural demons by feeding them his blood. Muzan spawns only at nighttime and in random locations on the map. A simple way to find Muzan is to head to the Butterfly Mansion and wait till night.

How rare is Kamado clan in project slayers? ›

Kamado is the one of Supreme (0.1%) Clans in Project Slayers.

Is Mugetsu an Ichigo? ›

Ichigo uses Mugetsu. Mugetsu (無月, Moonless Sky): Generating a blade of deep black Reiatsu in his hand, Ichigo swings it towards his target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black Reiatsu to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky and heavily damaging anything caught within the blast.

Is Mugetsu beyond Bankai? ›

Dangai Ichigo is just Ichigo with 3 months of training, but Mugetsu is a form beyond his Bankai. A form where the Shinigami is fused with the zanpakutou spirit which is just what Beyond Bankai forms look like in BBS… at least for the forms we have seen their zanpakutou spirits.

How do you level up skill mastery? ›

The main way to get skill mastery in Project Mugetsu is through fighting enemies. You must be using the specific skill that you want to increase in order to gain mastery for it, so using an ability to defeat foes would only increase that specific ability's mastery.

Who is the sun breathing user? ›

Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first demon slayer, is the founder and also the first user of Sun Breathing. But as per Demon Slayer's timeline, Tajiro Kamado is the only alive Sun Breathing user.

How rare is sun ore in project slayers? ›

And opening it, you will receive Ore with a 1% chance. Chances are low, so it'll take a long time, but it's a great way if you don't want to sell items.

How much money do you need for thunder breathing in project slayers? ›

Once you reach Zapiwara Mountain, talk to Jigoro Kuwajima and pay him 5,000 Wen to unlock the training sessions. He will give you five objectives that you need to complete to learn Thunder Breathing.

What level is Project Slayer breathing? ›

Project Slayers breathing is a mechanic that becomes available to you after you reach level 12, and there are four types – water, thunder, insect, and wind.

Is box breathing meditation? ›

Box breathing is a meditation practice in which we take slow and deep breaths for the count of four. It can be a wonderful stress reliever and also improve concentration, giving us an edge when we need one.

Who has a Tier 3 chest in Project Slayers? ›

Tier 3
  • Inosuke.
  • Muichiro.
  • Enme.
  • Renpeke.
  • Swampy.
  • Sound Trainee.

What is the strongest breathing style in project slayer? ›

1) Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing is undoubtedly one of the, if not the best, Breathing Styles in Roblox Project Slayers. Players who prefer evasive movement and inflicting tremendous damage during fights can happily choose the Thunder Breathing Style.

Is total concentration breathing real? ›

Total concentration breathing is a breathing and esoteric art style that allows for constant deep breaths that enhance physical and mental traits and strengths while eliminating the weaknesses and debilitating factors of the mind and body.

Is Muzan in Project Slayers? ›

Muzan can spawn in the following locations in Project Slayers, note that he can only spawn in the game during the night: Kabiwaru Village (He may be located up the stairs and to the left in between two houses from the spawn point).

How old is the Kamado family? ›

Demon Slayer Statistics Chart
Tanjiro Kamado13 (15 by episode 3)July 14th
Nezuko Kamado12 (14 by episode 3)December 28th
Zenitsu Agatsuma16September 3rd
Inosuke Hashibira15April 22nd
24 more rows
May 16, 2023

Which clan is better in project slayers? ›

The top best clans in Project Slayers include only the Supreme Clans Kamado and Agatsuma due to their excellent characteristics. The better the clans, the harder they are to get; therefore, consider second-best clans like Shinazugawa, Kocho, and Tomioka.

Can Muzan turn into a girl? ›

For those who have watched only the first season of the anime, they will be surprised to know that Muzan turns into a woman in the second season. He keeps transforming in order to hide his true identity, and he's even known to change into an 11-year-old child to hide from Demon slayers.

Who drugged Muzan? ›

The Anti-Kibutsuji Drug is a special four-stage drug that was created by the combined efforts and medical expertise of Tamayo, Yushiro and Shinobu Kocho with the main purpose of annihilating, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Why did Muzan cry? ›

He was plagued by health issues even in his mother's womb, and was stillborn as a result, but Muzan fought for life and began crying for the first time as his family was about to cremate his body.

What is the rank of Tanjiro Kamado? ›

What is Tanjiro's Rank? What is this? Tanjiro has risen to the level of Kanoe, the fourth rank from the bottom, along with Inosuke and Zenitsu. They were promoted as a result of their time demon-hunting with Rengoku on the Mugen Train and completing the final selection exam.

Is scythe in project slayers? ›

And luckily, Roblox Project Slayers has a fairly large arsenal of weapons, such as the Scythe. The Scythe is a weapon that only demons can use. It has a large radius and can deal serious damage.

Who is in the kamado clan? ›

Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjirō Kamado
WeaponNichirin Sword
FamilyTanjuro Kamado (father, deceased) Kie Kamado (mother, deceased) Nezuko Kamado (sister) Takeo Kamado (brother, deceased) Hanako Kamado (sister, deceased) Shigeru Kamado (brother, deceased) Rokuta Kamado (brother, deceased)
SpouseKanao Tsuyuri (wife)
8 more rows

What is Ichigo's real Zanpakuto name? ›

In training with Kisuke Urahara in order to rescue Rukia, Ichigo obtains his own Soul Reaper powers and learns the name of his Zanpakutō, Zangetsu (斬月, literally “Slaying Moon”).

Is Aizen still alive? ›

Though his fear caused the Hōgyoku to turn him into a Hollow-like monster, Aizen barely survived Ichigo's final attack as he evolved once more to the point that he became immortal.

Who is stronger Aizen or Ichigo? ›

In most circumstances, Sosuke Aizen outclasses Ichigo Kurosaki in most categories. His speed, swordplay, and kido spells are beyond anything Ichigo can manage, and he also has the power of complete hypnosis with his shikai, Kyoga Suigetsu.

Is Zangetsu fake? ›

After being told by Ōetsu Nimaiya Zangetsu is not his real Zanpakutō and has the appearance of Yhwach from 1000 years ago, Ichigo enters his inner world to confront him. When Ichigo tells him to explain himself, Zangetsu, stating what Ichigo was told is true, reveals his name is not Zangetsu.

Is Ichigo's Bankai fake? ›

From Bleach, could Ichigo's false bankai be considered Vollstandig, since it is actually just the Quincy manifestation of himself? No. Although both bankais were fake. The supposed initial bankai of Ichigo was most likely what we saw when Ichigo had to learn Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Is there a form above Bankai? ›

Shukai is only reserved for few Shinigami because of its strict requirements. Being the form beyond the Bankai, the first and most noticeable difference between Shukai and Bankai is the power increase.

How much XP is 120? ›

The amount of experience required to reach level 120 Invention is 80,618,654, which is 23,654,513 less experience than (virtual) level 120 in other skills.

How to get mastery 7 fast? ›

Earn Mastery 7 tokens for S and S+ games with champions that are Mastery Level 6. Combine three Mastery 7 tokens with that champion's Hextech shard, permanent, or 2950 Blue Essence to unlock Mastery Level 7.

What skills go to 120? ›

Level 99 is the maximum level in most skills. Dungeoneering, Invention, Slayer, Herblore, Farming, and Archaeology are the only skills with a maximum level of 120 (referred to as true skill mastery), achieved at 104,273,167 experience (80,618,654 for Invention).

Who is Tanjiro's dad? ›

Tanjuro Kamado was the name of Tanjiro Kamado's father. He passed away before the event of the main story of the Demon Slayer. It is not mentioned how long Tanjuro had passed before the story, but in several flashback scenes, we can see him interacting with a younger Tanjiro.

Did Tanjiro use 13th form? ›

Initially, Tanjiro's accuracy and strength were not up to the mark, which is why Muzan was able to avoid his attacks. However, Tanjiro accurately performed the thirteenth form and inflicted a ton of damage on the Demon King.

Does Tanjiro get Yoriichi sword? ›

Demon Slayer's season 3's latest episode has left fans on edge with Tanjiro's discovery of Yoriichi Tsugikuni's Type Zero sword.

Who is Muzan scared of? ›

The warrior Muzan feared was a swordsman named Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Yoriichi was the only slayer before Tanjiro who came close to killing Muzan, and the flashback of their fight occurred in Chapter 187. Yoriichi encountered Muzan and Tamayo in a bamboo forest, where the two engaged in combat.

Is Tanjiro a demon? ›

In the far chapters of the Demon Slayer manga, Tanjiro is actually turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan does this to continue his demon legacy and live in this world even after being dead. He chooses Tanjiro over everyone else as he considers him the perfect one to carry on his legacy.

Was Tanjiro's dad a demon? ›

He was made a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji when Muzan was defeated by the Corps.

How rare is Muzan in Project Slayers? ›

Muzan has a 100% chance to spawn during the night in Map 1, However he can spawn in one of many set locations.

What is better water or thunder in project slayers? ›

The S Tier is recognized as having the best breathing technique. By choosing the S Tier breathing method, you can never go wrong. In Project Slayers, Thunder Breathing's enhancements are the best overall.

What is the strongest breathing style in Project Slayers? ›

1) Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing is undoubtedly one of the, if not the best, Breathing Styles in Roblox Project Slayers. Players who prefer evasive movement and inflicting tremendous damage during fights can happily choose the Thunder Breathing Style.

What is the easiest boss in project slayers? ›

Akeza/Rengoku is the easiest boss to get drops from if you can actually beat him, he gives a tier 5 chest rather than a tier 1-3 like most bosses, AND he is there all the time unlike the demon bosses who burn at day.

What is the best rank in Project Slayers? ›

All clans are ranked from S+ to F, with S+ being the best and F the worst. The order within a tier does not matter.

What is the best quest for Wen in project slayers? ›

Wen is obtainable through quests and NPCs. There are many viable ways to obtain wen, but one of the most efficient is by fishing, doing the gem quest from Ushumaru Village and fishing in between that which will give around 700 wen every 5 minutes.

What is Tanjiro's best breathing style? ›

Though Tanjiro succeeds in making use of Water Breathing throughout the early parts of his adventure, he eventually discovers that he's better suited for Sun Breathing instead. Sun Breathing was the first Breathing Style utilized by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

What is the 2 most powerful breathing style in Demon Slayer? ›

From Water Breathing, Eleventh Form: Dead Calm to Stone Breathing, Third Form: Stone Skin, these are the strongest Breathing Forms in Demon Slayer.

Who is the strongest Hashira breathing? ›

Stone Breathing

Gyomei is often referred to by his fellow Hashira Tanjiro and Inosuke as the strongest Hashira. Being blind since birth allowed him to develop a connection with the Earth and to master Stone Breathing in only two months' time.

Do codes work in project slayers? ›

Redeeming codes in Project Slayers is quite simple; you just need to follow a few easy steps. Load into the Project Slayers experience on Roblox and then hit the "M" key to bring up the menu. From here, hit the book icon and enter your code into the textbox that appears. Click "Submit Code" to redeem your freebies!

How rare is kamado clan in project slayers? ›

Kamado is the one of Supreme (0.1%) Clans in Project Slayers.

What is the Hashira rank? ›

Demon Slayer: Every Hashira, Ranked According to Strength
  1. 1 Sanemi Shinazugawa. Wind Hashira.
  2. 2 Kyojuro Rengoku. Flame Hashira. ...
  3. 3 Gyomei Himejima. Stone Hashira. ...
  4. 4 Giyu Tomioka. Reigning Water Hashira. ...
  5. 5 Tengen Uzui. Sound Hashira. ...
  6. 6 Sakonji. Water Hashira (former) ...
  7. 7 Obanai Iguro. Serpent Hashira. ...
  8. 8 Muichiro. Mist Hashira. ...
Apr 25, 2023

How rare is ore in project slayers? ›

And opening it, you will receive Ore with a 1% chance. Chances are low, so it'll take a long time, but it's a great way if you don't want to sell items.

How rare is scythe in project slayers? ›

The scythe is a demon weapon that can be found in tier 3 chests with a 2.5% chance and in tier 5 chests with a 3% chance.

How do you carry the girl in Project Slayers? ›

Just walk up to a character or NPC and hit H. This will put the character on your back, and you will be able to complete quests.

Can you rank up in project slayers? ›

There are two sets of ranks: one for Demons and another for Slayers. All players start with the rank of Civilian, regardless of race. From there, players can earn race-specific ranks. Slayers can progress from Civilian to Trainee and up to Hashira, While Demons can progress from Civilian to Rouge and up to Upper Moon.


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