Bullet Echo Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Rank Up Fast and Dominate the Arena - Level Winner (2023)

When you think ZeptoLab, the first thing to comes to mind will probably be Om Nom, the cute and cuddly star of the puzzle game Cut the Rope, which spawned numerous sequels and games on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If not, then you probably have at least heard of CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars or King of Thieves, which are some of Zeptolab’s most popular games. For the most part, these games have cartoon-styled graphics and gameplay and generally appeal to players of all ages.

Bullet Echo, which is ZeptoLab’s latest mobile game on iOS and Android, is a tactical PvP shooter that still offers a lot of unique elements into the usual competitive battle arena game. Bullet Echo holds a cartoony and kid-friendly graphics that fans of the developer will love and offers the usual simple mechanics and gameplay that anyone can learn in a matter of minutes. There are hosts of characters to choose from, each with his or her own unique skills and traits. While most of them are locked behind loot boxes, actively playing the game gives you a fair enough chance to unlock them. The game is played in top view making it relatively easier for even beginners in contrast with third and first person shooters.

Even for complete beginners in the MOBA genre or any PvP shooter game, Bullet Echo is a lot less complicated in that you will only need to go through a minute-long tutorial to understand the controls and objectives. For the most part, you will only be touching the virtual d-pad to move and the rotate button to look around. With auto-fire always active, it is very easy to manage both along with the occasional taps of the health kit, reload, and revive buttons.

Considering everything, Bullet Echo is one of those games that are easy to learn yet hard to master so if you find yourself not taking victories as often as you wish, then check out our Bullet Echo beginner’s guide for loads of useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Play As Often As You Can

Being good at tactical PvP shooters regardless of the game’s perspective, mechanics, or even relative difficulty, may not come instantly to every player. While it may happen that some players become instantly get good results after just playing a couple of matches, perhaps due to relevant experience in other video games, the same cannot be expected to happen to every player.

The truth is, there is some luck involved in most team PvP battle arena games, especially if you are playing with random people. Sometimes, you will win a match even without much effort and sometimes being an excellent player will not suffice to take your entire team to the top of the ranks. The point is, what you need to do to perform better in each match is to practice, and to do so, you habe to engage in as many matches as you can.

One great thing about Bullet Echo is that there are no limits as to the number of matches you can partake in each day. In essence, your rank, the strength of your heroes, and your overall progress banks more over the time you can spend on the game more than anything else. Surely enough, playing harder and more often will not ensure that you will be a top rank player but at the very least, paying attention to each and every bit of experience you acquire match after each match contributes to your overall knowledge of the playing field.

Another point to consider is that even if you ranked dead last in a match, you will still earn something. Winning or securing a good rank helps your progress but losing some matches should not at all discourage you from jumping in another match again.

2. Stick With Your Team

If you have played some battle royale games before, then your understanding of battle royale equates to playing for your own survival, exclusively. As the concept typically means “every man for himself”, you may be inclined to stick to this mindset even if you are always playing with a squad. It is true as well that playing with friends is always easier and more effective regardless of each one’s level of expertise but just the same, coordinating well with your teammates is essential in Bullet Echo.

To start off, you can cast your vote on the pre-battle screen as to where you would want your 3-person team to be deployed. If there are 3 players in a party, you will be deployed in the area where at least 2 people voted. If you each have your own preferred area, then your team will spawn randomly on any of the selected areas. For best results, you should wait for at least one other player to cast his or her vote before you choose and if you lodge a vote on a selected area, at least you will have an idea where you will spawn.

At the pre-battle screen as well, take note of the map, which can be one of many different random maps. As you choose your spawn point, get a good look at the map’s layout and take note of where enemies will potentially come from. Power ups and other items to pick up spawn at random locations but the surroundings remain constant. Regardless of your character and general strategy, be sure to take note of potential ambush points and good hiding places. Whether you are on the assault or on the defensive, it is always great to know each map’s general layout so you will have a clear idea of where to go without having to take detours or circling back because of unexpected dead ends.

Once the match starts, it is best for you to stay close to your teammates. IF both of them are going in different directions, then at least stick with one of them but at the same time keep tabs on the other one’s location. Staying close does not necessarily mean being at arms length. It is often better to be a few feet apart so you will leave no chance for enemies to have both of you in their sights.

3. Move Slowly To Make Less Noise

It may be a bit surprising for some beginners but Bullet Echo actually employs sensitivity levels in the utility of its virtual d-pad. For the most part, you may initially be convinced that walking speed in the game comes in 1 speed but you can actually walk slower by not dragging your hold too far from the center of the d-pad.

As every player can only see enemies when they actually cross the sights of their guns, the only other indicator of an enemy’s presence is the sound they make, which is actually louder when they move fast. As such, it is important to keep a slow and steady pace from the get-go and only run if you absolutely have to. Visually, footsteps can also be seen on your screen if an enemy player is close by and it becomes visible if they move fast.

On a more advanced note, you can actually move fast and make noise to intentionally attract enemies. If you do, however, be sure that it comes with a plan on how to ensure that you will come out of the engagement with a kill rather than a loss. If you are closely coordinated with your team, one can be the “noisy” bait while the other two can do the ambush. Of course, if the enemy team is as coordinated, they may come all together and you have to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

4. Get To Your Know Characters As Soon As You Unlock Them

Bullet Echo currently has 21 characters in its roster, each with his or her own unique stats, main weapons, and skills. Initially, every player will only be able to use Stalker but after competing in several matches and opening up chest rewards, more and more characters can be unlocked. You can check all characters by tapping on the “Heroes” button at the left side of the main screen.

The hero roster screen is designed in such a way that you can only see each character’s stats and abilities after you unlock them. Once you do, be sure to check the abilities on the left side of the hero window even if these are still locked. You can also have an idea on a character’s build with his or her stats at the right side. Naturally, stats grow with each new level reached but their distribution is constant across all levels.

Obtaining and enhancing characters in Bullet Echo can be dependent on gacha as cards are randomly obtained from chests. While you would not be able to check what all characters can do, at least see each new one you unlock. For one, you have to eventually choose which hero you would focus on and in the case of those heroes you have unlocked but just does not appeal to you, you still need to know what they are capable of in case your teammates use them or you encounter them in the battle arena.

There really is not a lot of information to read but knowing which heroes pack more firepower than your favorite or which ones are tougher than the usual will help you decide on how to engage them in combat. More importantly, identifying each of the hero’s unique ability early on can help you devise some strategies in mind even before you actually use them in battle or go against them in the arena.

5. Save Resources For The Characters You Like

Bullet Echo’s attempt at providing fair gameplay banks on pairing and matching players based on the level of the heroes they use. In this sense, you are not necessarily disadvantaged if you use a level 1 hero especially if paired with random players as there will be higher probability that you will be teamed up with much stronger players that compensate for your lack of power. It can be a challenge if you go against other players but in some cases, other teams may employ bots instead of real players to have an evenly matched roster of teams in the arena.

With this game mechanic, there is not much pressure for you to invest all your hard-earned gold in Stalker. Before unlocking any other character, though, you will be exclusively obtaining his hero cards from treasure chests and you will continue to earn his cards even after unlocking other heroes. This means that investing in him will enable you to level him up ahead of any other character you unlock. Stalker’s first special ability, for example, is to become invisible for 5 seconds at level 1. While this skill is actually good to have, along with the rest of his unlockable skills, the skills of other heroes you can unlock may be even more appealing to you.

If you feel that you can earn more wins with Stalker, even before seeing what other heroes can do, then feel free to invest in him. Note that you only need coins to level a character up and his or her tier can increase after 10 levels if you have enough cards. Each level up increases the hero’s stats and each tier up unlocks another of his or her skills. You can also upgrade skill level and boost the effect of his or her skill using batteries.

Cards are actually exclusively useful for the appropriate hero but coins and batteries are not that easy to rack up especially if you do not win a lot of matches. As such, be sure to plan ahead in terms of long-term usefulness of each hero and focus on one as much as possible.

6. Grab As Many Upgrades As You Can

There are various items to pick up as you move along the map once the match starts. Surely enough, nabbing some armor and some health kits should come as a priority although you will only be able to get 1 of each and will only be able to grab another once the initial ones have been used up. With regard to ammo, you can basically grab a lot but the first is the most important as it will activate the hero’s main weapon instead of the generic gun that everyone starts with.

Beyond these basic necessities, keep an eye out for special power-ups that enhance your performance in combat. Note that there are various upgrades you can grab to improve your weapon, but some of these upgrades can only be used by select heroes. In effect, each hero can only utilize some of the available upgrades in the game and to determine which ones are applicable to the hero you are using, you have to take note of them as you engage in a match.

Wehen we say that you should grab as many upgrades as you can, we still mean for you to be very careful with your surroundings. Going full speed towards an upgrade you want may just lead enemies to hear your footsteps and put you in a bad situation. This is why, again, it helps to stay close to allies. For one, you have people to watch your back while you are looting and if something bad does happen to an ally, you will know if you should still pursue the upgrade nearby or not.

7. Accomplish Missions For More Rewards

As we mentioned earlier, every match you engage in, regardless of whether you win or lose, earns you coins and EXP that contributes to your overall progress. Beyond these immediate rewards, however, a lot more can be earned by completing missions. You can view missions by tapping on the appropriate button at the left side of the screen. It is actually hard to miss but if you are the type who enjoys entering matches one after another, you might not notice it early on.

At the missions page, you will see 3 different chests at the top and 3 missions at the bottom. Completing each mission earns you a mission chest and completing 7 earns you a super chest (first chest). The other chests can be earned based on enemies eliminated and battles won. If you have played enough matches, chances are that you may accomplish some of the missions without even knowing.

For efficiency, you should check the missions page as soon as you log in the game to have it serve as your guide as you engage in matches. Note that completing these missions and unlocking as many chests as you can will be a huge help to your progress as hero cards, coins, EXP, and even bucks can be earned from these chests.

8. Add As Many Friends As Possible

Even after just playing a few matches, you should already be able to tell if some players are easier to team up with than others. The hard part is when you can only play with new random players in each match as there will definitely be times when you wish you can play with some people you have played with before. If you actually were able to play Bullet Echo with friends in real life to team up with, then you are very fortunate. If not, however, it is very easy to earn more friends in the game.

As you engage in a match an play with 2 other people, play close attention to how each of them behaves. If you feel that they employ strategies, very strong, or most importantly very cooperative and supportive, then you should send them a friend request right after the match. At the match result screen, tap on the icon beside the name of the players you met in the match to send them an invite. If you are up for earning a lot of friends, then you should also not shy away from accepting friend invites.

9. Always Be Supportive To Teammates

Winning matches is possible with a lot of effort on your part, regardless of how the rest of the team performs but working with a cohesive and coordinated team that supports one another can definitely lead to more victories. Regardless of your experience and skill level, and regardless of whether you are playing with a team of friends or some random players, always exercise being a team player and offer as much support to your teammates.

To start off, whenever a player is down, he or she will not be immediately eliminated. A green heart icon will appear close to that player and any teammate who comes in close proximity can revive the fallen player. If you see the icon anywhere on your screen, be sure to do your best to revive your ally. You should take extra care in doing so as whoever killed your teammate may still be close by waiting for an ambush. Note that it takes a few seconds to revive a fallen teammate and if you move, the process will be cancelled and you will have to start over.

Another good way of supporting teammates is when you spot an item that you no longer need. If, for example, you see an armor or health kit and will no longer be able to pick it up, then you can tap on it to inform teammates of its location. The same can be done for all items in the arena that you can loot.

Of course, staying close to the team and backing them up in a firefight should be a standard strategy. There will be a lot of instances when an enemy can overpower each of you in a one-on-one encounter but two of you against one enemy is almost a guaranteed win. Relative to this, however, it is still important to determine whether it is best to continue with the encounter or flee to safety. Being outnumber, for one, is almost a definite sign that you should back up, even shortly.

10. Be Conscious Of The Shrinking Safe Zone

Battle royale players are very much familiar with the usual mechanics that involve a shrinking safe zone within each of the arena maps. Although Bullet Echo is very different from most battle royale games, it still imposes the same features, making sure that each player on the large map will be forced to converge at a smaller area as the match goes on.

For one, having this feature ensures that there will not be a lot of campers that wait out to rank high despite not participating as much. On the other hand, not being conscious about it or forgetting about it until it is late can be disadvantageous or even fatal. Stepping outside of the shrinking sphere will not automatically kill you but the poison effect it does to your health is strong, which gives you only a few seconds to get out of the hazardous area.

Beyond stepping outside the safe zone, running from it may open you up for ambushes or setups especially if you become too preoccupied from keeping yourself safe from it. If you can, always take a step ahead in terms of moving towards the center of the battle arena. The primary objective is to survive, not just from the enemies but from the growing danger zone as well. If you are way within the safe zone, you can also use the opportunity to ambush other players although such tactics are best left for when you have gathered enough experience to do so.

11. Take Advantage Of Free Chests

Chests in Bullet Echo do not just come from missions and rewards as some can be claimed for free if you can spare the time to watch a few ads. Every 12 hours, you will can claim a total of 5 free chests that will unlock after you watch a 15 to 30-second video ad for each of them. These chests contain coins and hero cards so if you really want to earn more of both, make the most out of this feature. You can actually consider spending a few minutes to do this as a quick break from the matches. Playing these ads and earning all 5 chests can be a great rest period for your hands and eyes.

And that’s it for our Bullet Echo beginner’s guide. We hope that you picked up a lot of tips and strategies that you can quickly and easily apply in the next matches you will participate in and likewise hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you have chanced upon some other tips or strategies that we have not mentioned in this guide, or would like to share your thoughts and experiences with the game, feel free to tell us about it in the comments!



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